Bretagne \ Port du Crouesty

Sometimes you don’t need to go far away to see beautiful places, and France has a lot of them!

Almost 4 hours away from Paris (by high-speed train or TGV and then by

car), you will find the golfe du Morbihan and in the town of Arzon, the beautiful Port du Crouesty.

There are paths along the coast, ideal for a quick trek but more than enough to enjoy the views. Although there are beautiful beaches, I do not recommend swimming here because, for example, right now the water is 10 degrees Celsius, and the rest of the year it is rarely above 20 degrees. You’ve been warned!



xx – Andy




Photo diary \ Sydney

Dream come true: I went to Australia in 2016. Although I went for work, and not for tourism, it was amazing. I fell in love with Sydney the instant I set foot outside the airport.

I will always remember the feeling of seeing the Opera House at night, or going to work and feeling as if I belonged. I highly recommend doing the following (with no given order):

  1. Take a tour of the Opera House (around 40 AUD)
  2. Have a drink at the Opera House bar
  3. Walk around at the Rocks
  4. Take a ferry from Darling Harbour to the Opera House
  5. Go to Bondi beach
  6. Walk from Coogee to Bondi beach
  7. Have breakfast at one of the amazing restaurants in Sydney (check out the insta account @breakfastinsydney).
  8. Go to Taronga Zoo

No need for introductions



Inside the opera house


inside the opera house


Bondi beach


Fish & chips at Bondi




Little Koala!


The Rocks


at the Harbour


Harbour Bridge

{Restaurants} Wilbur Mexicana

My trip to Toronto was full of surprises. One of them being the amazing restaurants in this city! I mostly stayed in the entertainment district, and had the chance to discover a couple of awesome places here. One of them is Wilbur Mexicana, a Mexican restaurant in King St West.


Almost everyone at the office recommended Wilbur or Los Colibrís, another Mexican restaurant downtown that I didn’t get a chance to visit (but there’s always a next time, right ?). Being Mexican, I am extremely picky with any tacos that com across my path outside Mexico, but my doubts disappeared when arriving at Wilbur. There was a considerable amount of people in line, even queuing outside in spite of the freezing cold! We thought that if people were willing to wait under these conditions, then the food is worth it.


We were not disappointed! First of all, the decoration, as in almost all of the restaurants in that area, has a distinct industrial feel to it. Industrial but at the same time perfected to fit a modern Mexican taqueria. The menu is straight forward : tacos, salad, burrito. You pick up a menu at the entrance and then order at the counter. You can (or maybe not) imagine my surprise when I saw that there were Jarritos, a typical Mexican soda/juice! I haven’t had a Jarritos in years! So with my bottle of Jarritos and a burrito, I was all set.


My Jarritos !

They bring the food you ordered directly to your table, they have food to go as well, which is great since there are a lot of offices in the area for lunching al desko. Wilbur has a salsa bar, which is quite original! They have like 50 different bottles of salsas from all over the world as well. You can serve yourself all the salsa you want.


The salsa bar

The burrito was delicious ! You could tell that everything used for preparing it was fresh, from the beans to the guacamole.

Next time you go to the entertainment district, I highly recommend going to Wilbur! Just be warned that you might have to wait in line for a taco, but it’s DEFINITELY worth it.

Wilbur Mexicana

552 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M3, Canada

{City Guides} A different London

I’ve been lucky enough to visit London 3 times in the past few years. The first one was in 2010, during my first trip to Europe. We did everything we could: had a typical English breakfast, walked from Westminster to Tower Bridge and back, went to Hyde Park, Picadilly, ate fish and chips, went to a pub, and took like 10+ photos at the Platform 9 3/4. The second time was to visit some friends, and since we already knew the city, we were much relaxed, we weren’t in a hurry to see everything. Finally, the third time was for work. I stayed over 2 weeks, but took advantage of the weekend to see a different London.


the Big Ben (from my Instagram)


Woke up early to go to a restaurant that I found online, Caravan Café in Exmouth. I already wrote a review of Caravan, you can read it here. After having brunch, we walked to the British Museum since we wanted to have a little bit more time to explore it. After a 15- minute walk, we arrived !

The iconic British Museum

The iconic British Museum

Apparently, we lost the memo where it says that you go to the British Museum just to see the mummies! We did not see them! However, we really enjoyed the Egyptian, Assyrian, and Greek rooms.

IMG_0501 IMG_0500

After the museum, we took a double decker bus to Leicester Square. Oh, I almost forgot. Everytime we go we have a pay as you go Oyster Card. The Oyster Card costs 5£ but you can get your money back at the end of your trip (check in the metro stations, you can get the refund directly at the ticket machines).

We walked around the neighborhood and did some window shopping. We finally arrived at Covent Garden, and it was as busy as you can imagine in a sunny day !


Inside Covent Garden

We continued our window shopping and bought a really good tea at East India Company. We were feeling a little bit hungry, specially after all the walking. Since we saw a Five Guys near Leicester Square’s metro station, we did not hesitate in getting a burger for lunch ! After, we were really tired so decided to go back to the hotel on foot. As I always say, the best way to know a city is to walk and walk and walk. You get to see the neighborhoods, how the city changes from one street to the other, and you can find pretty places where you did not imagine you would find them.



Woke up earlier to have breakfast at Monocle Café in Marylebone. I wrote a review of the place here if you’d like to know a little bit more about it. We took the metro to Bond Street and walked from there. After breakfast, we went to Hyde Park. It was a beautiful day and the perfect one for renting a bicycle and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Autumn in Hyde Park

The Park is beautiful, specially with all the autumn colors taking over the trees. If you’d like to rent a bike, it costs 2£ for 24 hours. Each time you get a new bike, there is a little machine in the corner of the bike stations that gives you a code. You type in the code next to the bike you want, and off you go !


After no more than an hour of going around the park, we stopped for an afternoon tea at The Orangerie in Kensington Palace. I found out about it on Instagram, and since my birthday was coming up, we decided to give it a go with a Royal Afternoon Tea. I will talk about The Orangerie in another post 😉 It was a lovely afternoon, it was sunny but not hot, just enough  of an autumn breeze to enjoy the tea and park.

Outside The Orangerie

Outside The Orangerie

Afterwards, we took new bikes to go back to where we started near Hyde Park Corner’s station since we wanted to go from Buckingham Palace to the Big Ben on foot.

Pro tip: Getting around Hyde Park is really easy since there are a lot of maps that let you identify the bike routes, not all pathways are available for cyclists, so pay attention.

Buckingham Palace is not far away from Hyde Park, just follow the tourists 😉 It is a nice walk since there are two parks (Green Park and St. James Park) in between the Palace and the Big Ben.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

After taking a little stroll around the Palace and Victoria’s statue, we started walking towards the Big Ben by going through the Mall and then cutting though St. James park. Again, follow the tourists if you feel lost !

Finally, we topped off our London weekend by going to the Big Ben. It is one of THE landmarks of London, so be patient since there’s a lot of people around, in front, and across the Big Ben.

No need for introductions!!

No need for introductions!!

This 2-week stay changed my feelings about London. I wasn’t in a rush to see EVERYTHING, and this is great. The city feels different and I learned to see it as if I lived there, which is a luxury. This is one of the many perks of business travel (nowadays called bleasure = business + pleasure), and I am very grateful to be able to discover new places and even re-discover others through a different point of view. I leave you now with a couple of photos from my weekend.

I would love to hear your thoughts about London and if you might be tempted to check out the places I mentioned above!




{Travel tips} Secret flying

A really good friend told me about this website where you could find extremely crazy cheap plane tickets. I had to see it to believe it …

Exhibit A: Many french cities to NY from € 373. Depart from Paris € 287. The link took me to a website I’ve never heard of before: Momondo. What did I find ? Round trip Paris- NYC with a 5h30 layover in Copenhagen from December 25th to January 1st for 552 €

Exhibit B:  Round trip Paris- NYC with a 1.5 hour layover in London and a direct flight for the return trip with British Airways from  March 2 to 9, 2016. All for the convenient (extremely convenient) price of 391 €

This is incredible ! Well, first of all in order to take advantage of this type of offers on needs to have a little bit of flexibility in terms of vacation time (or just a bit of luck!). Second, maybe the cheapest flights won’t leave from your home country/city, so you have to add the plane ticket to Amsterdam from Paris, for example.

There are basically three options for finding tickets on Secret Flying: USA and Canada deals, Europe deals, and Rest of the world deals.


I haven’t bought a ticket using this website, but as soon as I do I will let you know more about my experience. At first glance, this is a really good option for finding great tickets at very decent prices !

Tell me what you think in the comments below. Do you think this website is helpful?