{Restaurants} Wilbur Mexicana

My trip to Toronto was full of surprises. One of them being the amazing restaurants in this city! I mostly stayed in the entertainment district, and had the chance to discover a couple of awesome places here. One of them is Wilbur Mexicana, a Mexican restaurant in King St West.


Almost everyone at the office recommended Wilbur or Los Colibrís, another Mexican restaurant downtown that I didn’t get a chance to visit (but there’s always a next time, right ?). Being Mexican, I am extremely picky with any tacos that com across my path outside Mexico, but my doubts disappeared when arriving at Wilbur. There was a considerable amount of people in line, even queuing outside in spite of the freezing cold! We thought that if people were willing to wait under these conditions, then the food is worth it.


We were not disappointed! First of all, the decoration, as in almost all of the restaurants in that area, has a distinct industrial feel to it. Industrial but at the same time perfected to fit a modern Mexican taqueria. The menu is straight forward : tacos, salad, burrito. You pick up a menu at the entrance and then order at the counter. You can (or maybe not) imagine my surprise when I saw that there were Jarritos, a typical Mexican soda/juice! I haven’t had a Jarritos in years! So with my bottle of Jarritos and a burrito, I was all set.


My Jarritos !

They bring the food you ordered directly to your table, they have food to go as well, which is great since there are a lot of offices in the area for lunching al desko. Wilbur has a salsa bar, which is quite original! They have like 50 different bottles of salsas from all over the world as well. You can serve yourself all the salsa you want.


The salsa bar

The burrito was delicious ! You could tell that everything used for preparing it was fresh, from the beans to the guacamole.

Next time you go to the entertainment district, I highly recommend going to Wilbur! Just be warned that you might have to wait in line for a taco, but it’s DEFINITELY worth it.

Wilbur Mexicana


552 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M3, Canada